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Murdoch Fleming

Owner / Licensed Technician



At LMF Automotive, we strive to take care of you and your vehicle! Customer service is our number one priority, whether it's coordinating vehicle repairs with your schedule or making sure to get you on the road ASAP after an unexpected breakdown.  We are here to change the way you think about automotive repairs. I am always shocked at the horror stories people tell me when they come through our door. We are not a big dealer that has forgotten how to treat people. We have a 5000 sq.ft shop that can fit cars, trucks, motorhomes, and trailers! Our shop is a very open layout, most shops cram as many hoists into an area as possible to get as many jobs done as quickly as possible with little regard to vehicle care or customer satisfaction. Here we have one hoist per bay which keeps things clean, organized and most of all, vehicles aren't crammed in! 


We are located in Crossfield, AB, and although it may seem out of the way, by being located here we are able to save on location costs. This is one of the many ways we are able to offer the lowest shop rate around and still offer top quality repairs! We are a full service shop for all of your automotive needs. We are fully equipped to replace/repair tires, vehicle alignments, and performance upgrades.


In the past 15 years vehicles have become extremely complicated! Don't let shops intimidate you. We are here to help! We won't feed you lies or misdirection, we have gone through extensive training so you don't have to! We don’t take advantage of people who don't know all the ins and outs! We help fix the problem and explain it so you understand and feel comfortable with your vehicle! We decipher all of the information in the market today and make sure we understand and implement it!


Give us a call today.
Let us show you how we are
changing the automotive repair industry!


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